Importance of walk:


Quite certainly, walking is an excellent idea in order to maintain or improve one’s health. If you tend to walk for at least 30 minute per day, it may cause you a huge difference you may even have imagine of, such as strengthen bones, reduce the extra body fats that are not needed by your body, boost endurance and muscle power and above all, it is great for the cardiovascular fitness. The risk to develop certain conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, some cancers and osteoporosis are way reduced if you add the daily walk in your routine list.  Luckily, you can walk for free, and do not need any training or equipment.

It is not necessary that such physical exercises should be done vigorously and for a greater period of time for health improvements, however a study proved that even the low level exercise , say 75 minutes every week, can have a significant impact on one’s health if compared to a group that is non-exercising. Walking being the low impact need minimal to no equipment and can be easily done on whatever time you are willing to throughout the day. Walking for fitness and fun is not restricted to stroll by oneself around the local streets, but there are numerous venues, clubs plus strategies one can make the walking experience enjoyable. garcinia cambogia extract


Of course, when a person walks he carries his own weight, hence known as the weight-bearing exercise. However some benefits are mentioned as follow:

Increased pulmonary and cardiovascular fitness. (Lung and heart respectively)

Reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases.

It improves management of the conditions example high cholesterol, hypertension that is the high blood pressure, muscular and joint pain and stiffness, plus diabetes.

Improved balance and stronger bones.

Increased the strength of muscle plus endurance.

Reduce the excessive body fat.

These were the very prominent and obvious benefits one would get in case of walking regularly a day for thirty minutes, however there are many more to discuss, well, let’s have a look to few suggestions that can help building your walking habit into the daily routine of your:

First thing first, it is always good use the stairs rather using the lift. However it is not necessary that if you live on the 8th floor and you avoid using the lift, you can always use for the part of your destination.

Get off the transport a stop before your destination and then walk to reach your office or home.

Actively perform your housework such as vacuuming etc.

Try to walk to reach the local super mart and avoid driving for such short runs.

Walk the pet, this way you can also walk with a lot more fun interest. However, if you do not have a pet, you can always ask your neighbor’s one.


Its very necessary that you consider walking the crucial part of your routine, the one, you can never even think of skipping. Try doing regularly at the same time. However the energy level is same regardless of what time you opt walking. You can always ask your friend to walk with you each day, so the walking experience gets more fun and interesting. Remember, health is wealth, so maintain your wealth!

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